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The Risen International Culture Exchange Centre (RICEC) is a non-profit educational and cultural institution dedicated to serving international scholars around the world. It was established in 2003 in Kyiv, Ukraine. Since its establishment, Risen International Culture Exchange Center has taken on the promoting of cultural and educational exchanges among multiple countries and regions as its own responsibility, focusing on our goal of being "people-oriented, providing diversified platforms", and providing scholars with global diversification educational courses and platforms to help them become high-quality international top talents.

Since Risen International Culture Exchange Center was established, it has provided international students, especially Chinese students, with free local services in Kyiv in terms of life, study, and safety. At the same time, our center also actively participates in cultural exchanges and learning activities between China and Ukraine. Risen is committed to humanitarianism. Therefore, we not only provide high-quality educational services, but also encourage students to actively participate in social activities and charity, to help students grow and cultivate a noble sense of social responsibility.

In 2017, our center established Risen International Education Exchange Center (RIEEC) in the United States, so that our center could serve people throughout Asia, Europe and America. Because of Risen's high credibility, excellent reputation, and professional team, Risen International Education Exchange Center cooperates with many universities and research institutes in the United States, China and Ukraine. Today, the universities, colleges, high schools, and elementary schools under Risen are located in China and the United States; we have also signed cooperation agreements with many universities in the United States, Ukraine, China, and Taiwan, so that students have diversified choices and practical development paths; Risen has become the official international representative of many universities, building a bridge of friendship between all continents. Starting in 2020, many international students and scholars have been unable to conduct academic exchange visits due to the epidemic. RIEEC, once again, connected international bridges, linking scholars from all continents through the Internet.

Risen International is committed to serving scholars from all over the world, providing them with equal opportunities and a broad platform, so as to enable them to have international capabilities, abilities and visions. At the same time, our center regards itself as a learning organization, constantly seeking different partners to achieve common goals, and is eager to discover new ways and methods to explore international cooperation in culture and education.

Company Characteristics

Risen provides one-stop service, which greatly facilitates international students and improves the efficiency and success rate of studying abroad.

  • Based on international education, research and industry are widely integrated, focusing on studying abroad in the United States and Europe.
  • Educational classes, customized education system, shared educational resources, multiple US and European study abroad application services.
  • Convenient and reliable follow-up service for studying abroad.
  • Service methods that students can freely choose:
    Two service modes: full care center service and host family.
  • High-level and experienced international study abroad consultant team.
  • VIP-level study abroad consulting services.
  • In the past few years since its establishment, the company has made full use of its own advantages, relying on an excellent team of employees, and continuously improving the level of professional services, which has won widespread praise from customers.
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