Service Procedures

Professional Agency Process

We can help plan your application for studying in Ukraine/U.S.

Want to pursue your dreams and everything is ready, but the application for studying abroad is so complicated?

The following is the general preparation process for preparing to study abroad. We, Risen International, provide full services to help you successfully apply for prestigious schools step by step.

  • 1. Gather information

    Students who plan to go abroad or have the idea of studying abroad can go to major study abroad information websites to learn about the study abroad policies and education overview of various countries in advance.
  • 2. Preliminary Consultation With Professional Study Abroad Consultants

    Learn more about various overseas study plans and other details through consultation with our professional study abroad consultants.
  • 3. Plan Your Own Learning And Refresh Your Language Score

    After students have clarified their intention to study abroad and the major they intend on choosing, they need to actively plan their own learning background and improve their language scores according to the admission requirements of the majors they apply for.
  • 4. Apply For Admission

    Our consultants will personally contact the universities or colleges you choose to apply to in order to confirm that they accept your application conditions and increase the chance of admission.
  • 5. Admission Confirmation

    If the application is successful, you will receive an admission letter. Before you finally confirm acceptance, our consultant will discuss the notice carefully with you and confirm any possible situations.
  • 6. Visa Processing

    After confirming your admission acceptance to your institution, you can start applying for your visa. You can find the relevant visa requirements on the official website of the embassy, ​​and prepare the requirements, one by one.
  • 7. Pre-departure Preparation For Studying Abroad

    Prospective international students first apply for school accommodation or off-campus rental after receiving the admission notice. They must book air tickets and pack their luggage in advance before going abroad.
  • 8. Arriving At Your Destination

    Congratulations! You are about to embark on a great adventure. During this period, you will have many things to prepare for, from exchanging foreign currency, insurance, applying for foreign phone number to opening a bank account, our consultants will assist you along the way and provide professional advice.